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All business partner

With high pleasure we notice every day that all business relationships either as customer or supplier have developed to partnerships where not only profit and contract details, but much morehonest efforts, personal contacts and understanding counts.

Additionally we have established cooperation in some of our sales areas that allows us to be in more quick and direct contact to the customer.


Czech Republic

MAC spol.s.r.o.
Mr. Zdenek HUBACEK
Tel.: +420577944533
e-Mail: mac@macsro.cz
2. Kvetna 1062
76361  Napajedla
Czech Republik
see: www.macsro.cz

Pharmens s.r.o.
Mr. Zdenek SKYPALA
Tel.: +420777333498
e-Mail: skypala@pharmens.cz
Zasovska 750
75701  Valasske Mezirici
Czech Republik
see: www.pharmens.cz/

Flagge der Tschechischen Republik


Grupa Pharmatech Sp.zo.o
Mr.: Grzegorz PALKA
Tel.: +48 604565599
e-Mail.: gpalka@pharmatech.com.pl
ul. Gen. Maczka 4
32 500  Chrzanow
see:  www.pharmatech.com.pl/

Flagge Polen


Mr. Vasco DANEFF
Tel.: +359888771636
e-Mail: daneff@crosspoint-ltd.com
Peter Beron str. 2B
1000  Sofia
see: www.crosspoint-ltd.com

Flagge von Bulgarien

for any question or further informations. call: +43 1 587 29 47