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Flexible and resistant

In general, high-quality stainless steel tubes are used for the installations. In some positions flexible hoses are needed for connecting mobile devices or in combination with load- cells.

In the pharmaceutical industry, silicone and PTFE is mostly used for the product touched surface. Pressure and vacuum- resistance, even at high temperatures is achieved by multilayer constructions.

Maximum lifetime, optimum chemical- and thermal- resistance can be achieved with PTFE- hoses. The uncompromising fulfillment of all demands even on its flexibility can be achieved with Pharmaline. Today you can use the hydraulic tool RE-Link AF for self-assembling of reusable fittings.

For limited stressed positions silicone- hoses are mostly used because of its high flexibility, easier handling and the lower price.

Upcoming importance have single- use systems, that are replaced batch- wise. Sometimes they are purchased ready to use (=cleaned and sterilized by the vendor).This eliminates the need of CIP/SIP- processes, that are stressing the hose. The professional production takes place at our supplier company TecnoPlast under controlled and validated clean room conditions. The availability of various junction- pieces, adapters, couplings and sterile- filter- units enables us creating application-specific functional units.

As an attractive alternative to conventional plugged silicone- systems we offer weldable TPE- hoses (thermoplastic hose material). Thus, the critical process of aseptic closing and tearing down becomes much easier and fail proof. Furthermore this material shows unique advantages when using in peristaltic pumps and valves.

FAVEA will be pleased to support you utilising all these advantages when developing the ideal solution for your task.

Pharmalex®    (Quelle: TecnoPlast)

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