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Processing water to the highest valuable drug

In addition to your valuable drugs, water will always remain the most important medium in the pharmaceutical industry. As an additive in your manufacturing process or as used in the cleaning and sterilizing processes. For the production of various high purity medium (eg: PW, WFI, CS), we provide the necessary treatment facilitiesThe most widely used methods are: softening, filtration, degassing, reverse osmosis, CDI, ozonation, ultraviolet light, EDI, and distillation.

The selection and
combination of various methods is crucial. With the application of new technologies, we can also help you saving energy costs during operation. So beside the classical multiple-effect system, we offer the mechanical- compression as the more advanced distillation process, which has been recognized by all health authorities as a suitable method for the production of WFI.

With the appropriate storage and distribution systems, we can offer a complete functional unit.
Special emphasis we place on our documentation and validation documents.

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