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With the inspection machine you find what you are looking for

As an integrated part of a production line or as a standalone system with this machine optical quality criteria can be identified, analysed, alerted and rejected. In a number of process steps, such an examination is not only useful and cost optimizing, but could even be required by the authorities. A classic application is the inspection of the final product. Especially in this step, the requirements have been increased dramatically by the authorities recently.

In addition to defects in the product container and its closure our machines can be designed to inspect the level and the products itself. The most challenging discipline is the detection of very small particles in the product. Therefore our software has the feature to discriminate bubbles by their shape, movement and colour- respectively light-

Our supplier is aware of designing the optimal container transport and the best camera and lighting configuration.

Furthermore specific test methods to prove the integrity of the final containers are a valuable extension to the above mentioned machines. It is usually conducted by the vacuum method. In special applications, we also offer the high-voltage method. In the case of infusion bags we recommend a mechanism that is pressing with a specific and controlled force on them.

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