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We design the heat-exchanger as for example for:

  • adjusting the products temperature
  • cooling clean medias at the POU
  • for sanitizing purpose
  • as sample cooler
  • to generate clean media like CS

Each individual tube heat exchanger is calculated for your specific application, based on the information regarding media, pressure, temperature, flow rates and energy balances. In addition to the Pharma-specific characteristics we want to consider the ever-rising expectations for energy efficiency.

The often underestimated thermal stresses require the use of decades of design experience to exclude any fatigue of materials. We make sure that the fasteners and hydraulic shocks, do not overload the construction.
The special DTS-construction with double shields for safe separation of the two media is just as consistent compliance with cGMP requirements as well as the fully-welded tubular.

As we move almost exclusively in the highly specific pharmaceutical industry, we have gained a significant advantage in many details.

>> AR- inox             R 0153 640x362
Especially big sizes of straight multiple- pass DTS- heatexchanger, AR- inox highly professionally designs application- specific constructions.


>> EXERGY          Exergy Sanitary  Exergy Tube in Tube
When compact design is required, the unique technology of Exergy, having some of their standard sizes even on stock, brings unique advantages for our customers. For special applications single- shielded constructions or materials like Hastelloy and Titanium are available. Never hasitate to ask even when pressure- ratings >100bar are required.

>> Staitech

 Staitechs´ spiral- shaped cooler perfectly fits in lab- and sampling- applications.


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