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Favea GmbH was founded in 1999 by Mr. Helfried Haböck, who even today supports the company occasionally. The company quickly grew up to employ 45 experts in Austria and the Czech Republic, and was divided into two business- segments:

  •  planning & engineering: Within turn-key-projects following tasks have been performed: feasibility study, pointing a location, planning- work for defining the process, clean-room-layout, building, HVAC, production facilities. After commissioning, validation and training of the recruited staff, the facility was handed over to the customer.
  • Production: In our small production facility in the Czech Republic, we acted as contract- manufacturer of various products (eg dietary supplements)

When it turned out, that these areas develop very differently, the areas were divided to independent companies around 2002.

  • Even today FAVEA spol. s.r.o. develops and manufactures pharmaceutical products. Please do not get confused by the subtle differences in the logo of our independent companies.
    see:  http://www.favea.cz and http://www.favea.org
  • The business field engineering and validation now works under pharmens sro and plans for major pharmaceutical companies from the cleanroom concepts of HVAC systems to the process and filling.
    see:  http://www.pharmens.eu

We can still appreciate a good working relationship with our former colleagues when it comes to deliver innovative components for the plant.

Mr. Haböck himself focused his own business on trading of systems and components for the pharmaceutical industry.

Contrary to the trend of the general economic crisis, our successes since 2008 developed that well so Hr. Haböck had to postpone his retirement until 2012. Over 2 years he supported Mr. Nowotny by taking over the business.

Since 01.01.2013 Mr. Herbert Nowotny directs the company as exclusive CEO and associate. Although Mr. Haböck has withdrawn from the daily business, we all savour to ask him for support with his experience and knowledge at any time.

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for any question or further informations. call: +43 1 587 29 47