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  • online- product configurator

    in order to simplify the cooperation with our customer free available product- selectors have been established. Register- free and all time available.
    Just try it out and experience the diversity of our range:
    >> https://staitech.com/products/
    >> https://www.aerreinox.it/en/configurator

  • focus 2020

    Annual analysis, meetings and discussions always generates plenty ideas of how we can become even more attractive for our customer.
    As consequence we decided to re- set the focus of our products. Unfortunately, this also generated the necessity to cancel the agreement with GF+ (filling- & inspection- machines) and GDN (clean media- generators) that we had since more than 10 years. But this gave us the potential to follow the invitation of 2 big player in producing components for the process industry.

    1) FIKE

    2) VINCO

  • 1.4435 heat- exchanger

    EXERGY 1.4435 EXERGY 1.4435

    In order to meet the high quality demands on the European market, EXERGY has invested a lot of time and money in order to be able to process not only the industry standard 316L material, but also 1.4435. Some challenges regarding procurement, logistics, joining processes, quality assurance could be successfully completed to comply even with BN2!

    >> EXERGY news

  • new employee

    Kriks Kriks

    We are sorry that Ms. Renata-Yvonna-BARZ has left us to look for new challenges after her successful participation at FAVEA over the last 5 years.
    At the same time, we are confident that the appointment of Mr. Rafael KRIKS is a perfect match for our organization in order to drive forward our companies´ development.

    Rafael KRIKS

  • STERIDOSE video

    Firmenlogo Steridose Firmenlogo Steridose

    During our visit at the international representatives´ conference in Tumba / Sweden, the Group Executive Committee presented the new image video. Many interesting information was exchanged and also lectures by an external industry specialist were left.
    Many exciting innovations in product design and planning tools await us in the coming weeks.

    STERIDOSE Imagevideo

  • EXERGY anniversary 40

    Exergy 40 Exergy 40

    In fact, there is no question that a manufacturer that has successfully developed its business for many decades has achieved a high degree of professionalism in its field.
    In FAVEAs´ responsibility to recommend products to customers this anniversary increases our confidence.

  • BREXIT ?

    In response to the general excitement and uncertainty surrounding this development, FAVEA, together with its British manufacturer STAITECH, has defined a strategy for how to deal with developments.
    This way, we can assure our customers that in any case FAVEAs´customer will have NO impact on price, performance or delivery time.

  • Elasto-Clamp


    Unfortunately, there are always challenges with TriCLamp gaskets. Especially at higher temperatures, this standardized and widespread construction causes an irreversible deformation which endangers aseptic criteria. In addition to the meticulous selection of sealing dimensions and material Ultrapharma offers a completely new and revolutionary approach: A rubber insert in the clamp compensates the thermal expansion movement!

    Demo- Video ELASTO-CLAMP