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  • shelf time exceed 20 years

    logo rubberfab logo rubberfab

    We are proud about having profound evidence that our PTFE and PTFE- compounds stand 20 years without any harm to the quality. Naturally such studies are extremely time- consuming, but bring big benefits to our customers when spare-parts- management needs to define stock- quantities.

  • Staitech is growing

    Firmenlogo Staitech Firmenlogo Staitech

    Based on the enormous demand of this proven brand, the management decided to increase the production- capacity. While the building was becoming too small over the recent years, the occasion moving into a nearby bigger building was initiated. We are looking forward to benefit from a fast execution and holding on our experienced permanent staff. In order to cover the actual high demand, we decided to move not before Q1/2024. We apologize for eventual longer lead- times in this phase until then.
    see >> STAITECH

  • Christmas


    We always observe the concerns of our customers, not only in relation to our official cooperation, but also in relation to our personal appreciation, traditionally underlined by small gifts that were usually given at Christmas. We found this, although well intentioned, often causes uneasiness in terms of compliance. That is why FAVEA has decided to use this budget for supporting selected NGOs since several years already. We can assume that all parties appreciate the resulting benefits.
    Even so in 2022 you can follow the stride >> Schritte in Äthiopien

  • STERIDOSE® Germany

    Steridose DE Steridose DE

    While FAVEA has been successfully contributing to customer satisfaction for STERIDOSE® products in wide areas of Europe for more than 20 years, we are now pleased to be able to look after our customers in Germany as well. We offer decades of experience not only in engineering and sales but also in the operation of these components. Trying to proactively inform our customer base about this change as best we can, we thank you for your supportive cooperation.
    see >> Servicenetwork Steridose

  • crisis management

    Challenging months unfortunately, also affected the performance of FAVEA. Despite our efforts to strengthen the supply chains and to find unconventional solutions between our customers and manufacturers, we can finally ended up in undisturbed routine operation again. We would like to thank everyone involved for their understanding cooperation!

  • ACHEMA 2022

    With great regret we noticed the recent postponement of this industry-leading event to August 22nd to 26th, 2022.

    We hope that you can keep this date too. Since we are aware of the importance of this fair especially in this difficult time, when so many contacts have been impaired, FAVEA will unconditionally follow these postponements.

    >> ACHEMA

  • product training

    It was a pleasure that so many valuable experts of the industry could follow our invitation to join my presentation in Vienna.
    Beside the news about product developments and unique technical features of our portfolio of course we could exchange a lot of insider- information related to the actual market- siuation.

  • online- product configurator

    in order to simplify the cooperation with our customer free available product- selectors have been established. Register- free and all time available.
    Just try it out and experience the diversity of our range:
    >> https://staitech.com/products/
    >> https://www.aerreinox.it/en/configurator