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Sterilizer for your product and equipment

For cleaning and sterilizing your equipment as well as for the terminal sterilization of your products, we have just the right sterilizer! Furthermore we do have a variety of standard models for many other temperature-treatment processes as: drying ovens, waste treatment, and many more.

In order to meet the particular requirements a variety of sizes and methods (water, saturated steam, hot air, gas) are available to choose from. Supplying our primary clients in the pharmaceutical industry, additionally we are serving hospitals and other industries that have realized the benefits of our sophisticated heat treatment processes.

The ideal shape and size is designed project-specific as well as the loading and transport equipment. We supply it all from one source!

  1. Sterilizer
    • saturated steam
    • washing + steam
    • steam / air
    • superheated water
    • Ethylene oxide
    • Dry heat ovens with depyrogenation
  2. related products:
    • Hot air static dryers
    • Static dryers under vacuum
    • Washing and disinfection units
    • PassBox; material lock
    • steam- generator
  3. Transport- and manipulation systems
    • Trolleys
    • Trays/baskets/cassettes to house product
    • Integrated systems for load full handling

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