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The perfect mix

We build on the knowledge of the first European manufacturer of magnetic mixers.

At that time this technology has been used mainly in very delicate and small tanks. Due to the higher requirements on clean ability, tightness and process safety these mixers are now used everywhere in order to achieve fast, gentle and valid mixing results.

Through a variety of types we can cover vessel volumes from 5 to 30,000 litres capacity. In addition, there are possibilities to combine mixersThe hermetically sealed construction and the carbide bearings ensure a smooth long lasting operation.

For challenging mixing- applications we select from low- / medium- / high- share impeller design that effects the rotating speed that ranges from 5 to 3000rpm.


The perfect solution for sensitive processes we recommend the traditional
>> Steridose Sterimixer

As widely proven and robust design we promote
>> AR- Magnetrührwerke

When looking for a cost- effective solution e.g.: for CIP- processes we recommend
>> Steridose Sanimixer


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