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To meet the highest standards concerning dead space and clean ability in product lines, it is required to adopt the, well known and in other industries proven classic valves as a ball valve or seat valve. With restless inventiveness apart excellent industry knowledge, our supplier found a golden mean, so we can now offer their sophisticated valves, which leave nothing to be desired.
In the past, new special designs with complicated soft seals affected the durability of the components, leading to increased maintenance cycles. Wsay: "Our valves are as good, as we make no spare parts business."

With decades of experience in maintenance and engineering, we want to help, that you too can reap the benefits from these developments.

We supply all standard-and special-function valve. The most famous ones are:

  1. Check valves
  2. Steam traps
  3. Process valve; pneumatic
  4. Tank- outlet valve
  5. Tapping valve
  6. Safety valves
  7. Sampling valves
  8. hygenic- valve

In addition to the standard catalogue items, we are also able to make specific configurations and designs for you. Thus we find the right solution for your application.


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