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Herbert Nowotny

was born in Vienna in 1971, and finished his education at the HTL Schellinggasse for communications engineering. Soon Mr. Nowotny found his interest in industrial plant engineering, which was initially focused on the automation technology.
During his year commissioning activities in the far-eastern countries, he could expand his practical expertise in process- and mechanical-engineering subjects.

After he managed the technical department of a pharmaceutical company in Vienna for 10 years, he was well prepared for his duties at Favea.
With many new ideas and motivation to satisfy all customer needs, he became exclusive CEO and associate of Favea with 01.01.2013.

Telephone: +43 676 4560999
Skype: herbert_nowotny
e-Mail: h.nowotny@favea.at

Nowotny /CEO

Helfried Haböck

was born in 1943 in Vienna and studied biotechnology at the BOKU in Vienna.
Very soon he realized his skills in sales of components for the pharmaceutical industry, which he initially practiced as employee in the Eastern European region. In this era he was entrusted with the management of some sales offices.

With his founding of FAVEA in 1999 he also gained experience in the engineering and operation of a pharmaceutical plant.
His strength, however remained his talent in trading, where all took benefit of the constructive relations he built up and the close and friendly business partnerships he developed.

Even after his official retirement on 31.12.2012, he remains available in difficult situations.

Telephone: +43 676 4260043
Skype: favea_vienna         
e-Mail:  h.haboeck@favea.at

Helfried Haböck

Renata-Yvonna Barz

She was born in 1989 in a multicultural family in Romania. After completing her economics degree, she moved to Vienna to study Romance Studies and Political Science at the University of Vienna. Subsequently, she completed a Master’s program in the field of corporate communications.

She developed her interest in the sale of production equipment and plant components for the pharmaceutical process industry when she met Favea in 2014. Over the course of her previous activities and with the help of her education, she has gained profound knowledge in marketing and wholesale, which she then uses at Favea. With the utmost passion, professionalism and seriousness, as a Key Account Manager, she is happy to meet the needs of our customers.

Her goal is to provide and offer them a high-quality service, to solve problems in a solution-oriented manner, to maintain trust and credibility in our business partnerships, to achieve sales through our direct sales channel and to build strong relationships with our supply chains, as they play a crucial role in our processes.

Telefon: +43 676 7359 168
E-Mail:  office@favea.at


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