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  • Sterimixer for mixing capacity up to 40.000liters

    SMA 210/350 (origin: Steridose) SMA 210/350 (origin: Steridose)

    The new Sterimixer® models SMA and SMO 210/350 offer an increased mixing capacity of 30,000 liters* and up to 40,000 liters* for gentle mixing.
    It’s available in two impeller designs: SMA (self purging), and SMO (open). The drive unit is available as IEC epoxy painted (standard) or stainless steel. The male bearing is available in tungsten carbide and silicon carbide.

    For bigger diameters the rising necessity of a professional tool was satisfied by a heat- sink- equipment. Combined with the weld plate gauge tool a most accurate installation can be realised.

  • Herbert Nowotny supporting Favea

    After Mr. Herbert Nowotny has incorporated approximately half a year, he has become a part of favea as shareholder and authorised representative by 01/01/2012.
    Especially the technical expertise from decades of practice in engineering and the pharmaceutical industry will help our customers to choose the optimal equipment and components.

    To strengthen the high trust of our customers even further, he will spend much time in customer visits.

  • Company results 2011

    Symbolbild Symbolbild

    The sales figures of 2011 have broken all previous records. Many thanks to our customers for their trust!
    In addition to the generally good routine business the positive trend of the past year was supported by a world- leading pharma-concern and Cooptech as being a competent engineering an plant- manufacturer in Hungary.

  • New corporate identity

    Firmenlogo von 1999 bis 2011 Firmenlogo von 1999 bis 2011

    As a Christmas present to our customers we invested in our company appearance, that was finalised in February 2012.

    • The mission-statement "pharmaceutical technologies" was created in the period where Favea  acted as an engineering and a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. As we are now really focusing exclusively on trade and the associated consulting business, we are committed to our new claim "partners for aseptic solutions".
    • A professional designer has transformed our logo in a manner, to express our strength of continuing a traditional but modern and forward-moving professional business-partner.
    • A complete newly launched website  enable our business partners, to have a good and actual overview on our company. With regular actualizations and enhancements as well as news messages we want to always keep you up to date.


  • Biggest inspection machine

    Firmensitz GF (Quelle: GF) Firmensitz GF (Quelle: GF)

    After several successful pilot projects 12/2011 the contract for the delivery of the world's bigest inspection machine for PP bottles was signed. Thus GF grows to a technology-leading manufacturer of these systems.

    Taking account of this and other new projects, a significant expansion of production capacities at GF was decided. Enthusiastic timelines of finishing the new production hall within 2012 were set.

  • Flush washing valve

    VFA- Bidensitz- Spülventil (Quelle: AR) VFA- Bidensitz- Spülventil (Quelle: AR)

    A typical example how AR is developing new solutions for common challenges in improving the cleaning efficiency:
    Especially in tanks with huge installations (eg agitators), conventional spray- balls are leaving inevitable spray shadows. Filling up the tank with CIP- media is not possible in larger containers because of increased media consumption and processing time.
    By adapting a established product as the radial seated bottom outlet valve, AR could provide a bottom- up spray- cone that helps significantly to improve the flushing pattern of a tanks CIP- system. T
    he results can be further improved by additional installations in the wall.

  • Heatexchanger new manufacturing process

    vollverschweißte Rohrbündel (Quelle: AR) vollverschweißte Rohrbündel (Quelle: AR)

    Reflecting on the inquiry of a customer AR  is now offering  heat exchanger with the option of fully welded tube bundles.
    In contrast to the conventional production technology (crimping) the connection now ensures that even the smallest capillaries are excluded in the joints of the tube-bundles at the distributor.

    Purchasing a new welding robot, staff training and developing this fabrication technology demonstrates the will and the courage of this company to act with the growing quality demands of our customers.

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