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  • social media initiative

    Nowotny /CEO Nowotny /CEO

    Even if we want to give the highest priority to personal relationships with our business partners, we can not shy away from the modern media.
    That's why FAVEA has massively stepped up its activities on the business social media platforms LinkedIn and Xing. We would like to inform young and innovative personalities in a timely manner about news and at the same time use the electronic network in order to be able to follow the ever faster changes in the organizations.
    I've dropped my initial personal skepticism and invite everyone to use these platforms extensively for casual networking and conversations.

  • FAVEA anniversary 20 years

    Team Team

    We are happy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company this year and we would like to use this occasion, to thank our loyal customers and our reliable manufacturers for their successful partnership and strong cooperation, which has brought a significant contribution to our fruitful corporate development.

  • ACHEMA 2018

    ACHEMA2018 ACHEMA2018

    We are looking forward meeting you at our stand:

    AERRE- Inox    hall 6.1 D68
    DeLama          hall 6.1 A14
    Exergy             hall 4.0 H35
    GDN                hall 6.1 C50
    GF                    hall tbd.
    Handtmann     hall 9.0 B85a
    Steridose         hall 5.1 C15
    NGI                    hall tbd.
    Ultrapharma     hall tbd.
    Staitech            hall tbd.

    Beside the personal contact and networking we provide you the opportunity to discuss with our experts from manufacturing, the product development and quality- insurance all topics that are interesting for you. Using various demonstration units you can get best understanding about our construction details.

    For more information, please visit >> ACHEMA homepage 

  • PHARM connect 2018

    Pharm connect Pharm connect

    As every year, EXERGY and FAVEA will be sponsoring this congress even in 2018, giving you the opportunity to attend the speeches and to get an update on our product program.

    For more information, please visit the >> event- homepage

  • PHARM connect 2017

    Pharm connect Pharm connect

    Based on the great meetings we had in 2016 we decided to support this event as sponsor again, together with our supply- partner for heat- transfer solutions EXERGY.

    We have the pleasure to herewith invite our customer as VIP- visitor to join this event free of charge, and benefit from the interesting speeches and the presentations that we also be available for.
    Please be so kind and contact us to complete the necessary registration in advance.

    For more information please visit the >> event- homepage

  • Donation for Afrika

    Ziege Caritas Ziege Caritas

    We often ask ourselves how we can thank our customers for their good cooperation and loyalty. Because of the increasing importance of the code of business- ethic in many companies, we decided to use this budget for a sustainable donation campaign.
    In a figurative sense, we bought for you a few goats and chickens, that offer a new lifeblood in one of the world's poorest countries.

    Further details you will find >> here


    Sanimixer Sanimixer

    In our constant search for potential savings, together with our customers we have recognized that some applications can accept compromises in hygienic design. For example in upstream- or CIP- systems this could be considered.
    Without having to dispense with the advantages of magnetic stirrers, we have now extended our SANIMIXER product portfolio to offer cost - effective solutions for containers up to 30,000 liters.
    This makes STERIDOSE even more interesting for customers in the food and beverage industry, as the quality requirements are also continually raised up to highest Pharma standards, that Steridose is famous for.

    For more information, please visit >> Steridose/SANIMIXER

  • Pharmaball


    Years ago we recognized the potential of the magnetic action YGROS is using for their check- valves. In close cooperation we created the Pharmaball and gathered extraordinary good feedback from our customer using this construction that eliminates doubts on using such valves in critical applications.
    We have NO spring, NO gaps, digressive pressure- drop, streamlined pass and reliable use in any orientation.

    For more information, please visit >> the YGROS- homepage