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Production facilities

For the delivery of facilities in key positions of the finishing process, Favea could successfully support many projects.
From plenty sterilizers to filling- and sealing- machines up to Europe's largest inspection machine for PP bottles with a carousel diameter of about 3.5 meters (!) Favea signed as jointly responsible.
We are proud of acting in an essential role between market-leading pharmaceutical enterprises and our suppliers.

realization of a unique filling- machine meanwhile progressed to a global strategy turnaround of our customer. This was also triggering our manufacturer GF to make major expansion of its manufacturing capacity.

Inspektionsanlage (Quelle: GF)

Turn-key projects

Especially in the first phase of the company's existence Favea executed some projects of establishing complete production facilities. These turn-key projects included all design and construction work on the building HVAC- and manufacturing- facilities and has been successfully completed commissioning, validation and training of the production personnel.
The greatest successes
of this division were:

  • A production facility for manufacturing ointments and suppositories with a contract volume of $ 10 million in Romania.
  • A production plant for infusion solutions with a capacity of 1,000 bags per hour in Bulgaria.

Note: For privacy reasons we cannot publish more details on these projects.

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