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Without a doubt, our greatest asset is our solid, loyal and specialist customer base. In order to be able to meet their expectations, FAVEA has selected contractual partner suppliers with the greatest care.
We know that our customers cannot rely on glossy brochures, which is why FAVEA pays attention to a high level of professionalism in all areas of product development, production, purchasing, warehousing, documentation, certification, logistics and administration. The fact that our suppliers have many decades of experience and have gained increasing popularity internationally is confirmation of this.

Nevertheless, FAVEA regularly visits its manufacturers with the aim of:

  1. Discuss current customer projects with the experts in order to work out an optimal solution.
  2. To accompany customer audits.
  3. Obtain information about ongoing product developments.
  4. To report the experiences of my customers back to the development departments.
  5. To keep an up-to-date insight into the proper operational management that includes
  • Compliance with social standards
  • Life of quality assurance measures
  • general economic situation (stocks, cleanliness, personnel development, training, etc.)

for any question or further informations. call: +43 1 587 29 47